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We are experts in helping people with their Timeshare problems.

Established since 2014, The SPS group of companies were initially involved in commercial and residential property investments, but also handled Timeshare Contract Removals and Timeshare Contract Compensations cases.

The Timeshare Contract Removal and Timeshare Contract Compensation areas of the business very quickly expanded as we realised just how many people were having issues with their Timeshare companies.

SPS Consultants Ltd was created by sheer demand to handle all of these issues moving forward. We now have a fully dedicated consultation team and law firm in place to help manage all of our clients with illegal Timeshare contracts and pursing their Timeshare companies legally to cancel their contracts and claim their monies back.

We are a company that remove Timeshare owners from their financial obligations by instructing our European group of lawyers to legally relinquish and pursue for compensation for our clients.

We offer an affordable, convenient, and guaranteed end to your Timeshare contract.

They do all the work, so you don’t have to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to cancel my Timeshare contract?

Every client we see has a differnt contract, so it is impossible to say exactly how long it will take. Your Timeshare company may cancel your contract as soon as they are contacted by our lawyers, or they may try certain delaying tactics, hoping you will not leave. No matter how long it takes, SPS and our lawyers will work on your behalf until you are out of the contract and have no more financial liability to them.

Am I eligible for compensation?

During your free consultation, our consultant will take details about you and your individual case. We will then be able to review your contracts and assess the viability of your case. We will advise if you have a legal case against your Timeshare company(s). If you do then our lawyers can then start legal proceedings against your Timeshare company(s).

How far back can I claim?

Compensation claims are for the full duration of your disputed contract. In some cases this can be over 20 years ago.

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