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Timeshare Compensation Claims

Bring your money home!

Our lawyers work on your behalf to claim compensation from Timeshare Companies that have misled and pressurised you into false or illegal contracts.

For decades people have been scammed by Timeshare companies.

Most people thought they were buying either a luxury holiday accommodation, something they could leave to their loved ones or they were led to believe that they buying a sound investment that would guarantee a financial return that would be greater than any other investment they could take up.

On occasions we do speak to owners who have been happy with their Timeshare(s), however when they no longer want it they soon realise that they can’t just “walk away” from the contract. It is then that the realisation that their holiday dream has turned into a nightmare, and they fear they will leave this financial burden to their loved ones.

We hear from thousands of disgruntled customers who are still angry at the way their Timeshare company(s) have or has lied or misled them over the years.

Many of the lies that have been told include:

  • “This is a great investment which will increase in value over time.”
  • “When you no longer want your Timeshare week(s) or points, we will buy them back from you for more than the price that you paid.”
  • “Your maintenance fees will never increase dramatically – only in line with UK inflation.”
  • You will always be able to find availability in the resorts you want.
  • The resorts are exclusive to Timeshare owners only.

If you have fallen victim to the same misrepresentations then we can help you.

You may have a legitimate claim against your Timeshare company(s), and our lawyers will work on your behalf to reclaim back the money you were “cheated” out of.

We know that pursuing a company through the legal system can be a complex and confusing process, especially in a foreign country.

That’s why we do everything  – so you don’t have to!

From your initial consultation until a successful outcome, we will guide you through every step of the process.

Your success is our success, and almost all of our business is by referrals from satisfied clients.

In order to establish if you have a valid claim take a moment to answer the following questions:

  • Do you own Timeshare weeks (fixed, floating), points or fractional points?
  • Were you led to believe you purchased a financial investment that would be worth far more than you paid for it?
  • Were you pressured to sign up to a finance agreement with the resorts own finance facility or with an other finance company?
  • Did you experience any sales pressure or mis-representation?
  • Did you pay any deposit at the time of the sale or anytime during the following 14 day cooling off period?

If you can answer YES to 1 or more of the above, call us now on 0115 824 0010 or complete the form on this page, and we will contact you.

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