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Timeshare Contract Removal

Are you trapped in a Timeshare/Holiday Ownership contract?

Timeshares, hugely popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s, are proving a millstone around the neck of many owners who are locked “in perpetuity” into paying high annual fees for an entitlement to holiday properties they no longer want.

In many cases these are passed on to family members when the original purchaser dies, and are rapidly becoming a legacy that no one wants to inherit.

Unfortunately finding a solution to these issues can be troublesome, and a lot can depend on the contract that was originally made with the company.

We are a company that uses European lawyers to remove timeshare owners from their timeshare contract obligations. We offer an affordable, convenient, and guaranteed end to your timeshare contract.

We offer you peace of mind that this financial burden WILL NOT be passed onto your loved ones.

For your FREE consultation, call us now on 0115 824 0010 or complete the form to the right and we will contact you.

Why Choose SPS Consultants?


Providing expert timeshare advice since 2008.

UK Based

We are based in the UK, so we fully adhere to all UK consumer laws.


Our European lawyers ensure you get the optimum results.

Cost Effective

We can help turn your financial burden into extra cash.

Take the first step to your timeshare freedom!

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